Can I order less than the minimum quantity?

Yes, however, there will be an LTM (Less Than Minimum) charge.

In almost every case, if your client orders less than the minimum quantity listed, there will be an LTM (Less Than Minimum) charge.

Alternatives to avoid the Less Than Minimum

While it isn't always possible, here are a few suggestions to get your client to order more quantity and avoid the LTM Charge.

1. Order Multiple Years Upfront

If your client is ordering products that will be given out on a regular basis, consider advising them to stock up now and avoid the LTM charge.

2. Use Variable Data Instead

If your client is ordering many similar products, consider looking at using variable data 

As an example, let's say your client is looking to order 5 different years of service lapel pins. They want the following:

  • 75 QTY of 1 year of service
  • 25 QTY of 3 years of service
  • 7 QTY of 5 years of service

If these pins are done with Texture Tone or Vibraprint, a variable data setup could be used instead of 3 LTM charges.