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How do I create a login for the website?

You can create an account easily by selecting the approate link below.

You can easily create a login for the website if you are a new or current customer with Simba. Just follow the instructions below.

Currently logging in to the Simbaline.com website only allows you to view pricing for stock products (undecorated). Other information like getting tracking numbers, placing orders, etc must be done by contacting our customer service department.

I Am Currently A Simba Customer

Current Simba customers can create a login by clicking here and filling out the two part form: https://www.simbaline.com/register-simba/online-access/ 

Registration is a two part process:

  • The first page will ask for your company’s information & what type of email newsletters you would like to subscribe to.
  • The second page is where you will create your own unique username & password.

After the form is submitted, your request will be reviewed & then approved once we've confirmed your business information is in our system.

I Am New To Simba

We first need to get you setup as a current customer before we can create a online account for you. To fill out the new customer form please visit this link: https://www.simbaline.com/register-simba/account/

PLEASE NOTE: Resellers Only

Simba only sells to verified companies who plan on reselling our product. A valid resellers certificate will need to supplied.