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How do I create a login for the website?

You can create an account easily by selecting the approate link below.

You can easily create a login for the website if you are a new or current customer with Simba. Just follow the instructions below.

The NEW Simbaline website allows you to view your:

  • Pricing
  • Orders
  • Tracking Numbers
  • Live Inventory

I Am Currently A Simba Customer

Current Simba customers can create a login by clicking here and filling out the form: https://portal.simbaline.com/request-login-access/

After the form is submitted, your request will be reviewed & then approved once we've confirmed your business information is in our system.

Request Access

I Am New To Simba

We first need to get you set up as a current customer before we can create an online account for you. To fill out the new customer form please visit this link: https://portal.simbaline.com/register-new-account/

PLEASE NOTE: Resellers Only

Simba only sells to verified companies who plan on reselling our product. A valid reseller certificate will need to be supplied.

New Account