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Do you have a ring sizer?

Yes we do, download the template here.

In order to ensure our rings with multiple sizes fit properly, we suggest downloading our ring sizer to measure your players rings.

Download the Template - Ring Sizer Template

Video Instructions:

Here is the step by step instructions:

  1. Download the ring sizer template here:
    1. Download Ring Sizer Template
  2. Print out the ring sizer.
    1. Ensure the document prints out at "Actual size" or "100%" or "At Scale". This will ensure your ring is the proper size.
  3. Confirm the ring sizer is the proper size by measuring the thick black line to ensure it is exactly 3 inches long.
  4. Cut out the ring sizer.
  5. Fold the ring sizer in half and cut along the dotted line that says "Cut Here".
  6. Insert the end of the tab into the cut you just made in the previous step. Numbers should be facing outward.
  7. Place the ring sizer around your finger and pull until it is snug. 
  8. The number on the ring sizer will tell you your size.


If you know you'll be sizing for rings in advance, we recommend buying a ring sizer online. The cost is extremely minimal (usually under $10) and it is a great tool to have.