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How to Leave Simba a Review (on ASI)

Instructions on how to leave Simba a Review on ASI

Leave a review for Simba on ASI by following the below steps:

You must have an online account with ASI in order to leave a review

Step 1: Click on this link


Step 2: Log in to your ASI Account

After clicking the link above, you'll be asked to log into your ASI online account. Enter your ASI login information here

Login to ASI

Step 3: Enter Simba ASI# (87296)

Once you log in, you will need to enter Simba's ASI Number right under "Rate Your Experiences Here"

ASI Rating

Step 4: Submit Review

Once you have entered Simba's Supplier Number. You can submit the rest of your review:


That's It!

Once you hit save on the review you're all done. ASI will notify us of your review in a few days.