Mega Ring Overview

Measuring in at Gigantic Size, this Mega Ring is an award with Wow. It’s a great choice for both professionals & sports, individuals and teams.

Measuring in at a Gigantic Size, this Mega Ring is an award that’ll make people say Wow! A great choice for both professionals & sports awards, the individual and teams/departments.

The Mega Ring is ideal when you need a fresh new take to recognize your key players or teams instead of another glass, crystal or plaque award.

You have a 3” Texture Tone™ center decoration and 6” long Vibraprint™ base. These large imprint areas means your message can be read from a distance. Also choose between the 6 pre-designed ring stock inserts available.

The Mega Ring comes in two versions. A more accessible design with only stars and torch sides. Also a more specialized design with the word “Champion” across the front and torch sides.

The quality Texture Tone™ center imprint is a quick decoration process (5 – 7 business days) and is printed domestically from North Carolina & California.

Product Specs

(Size / Weight / Material / Imprint)

The ring imparts a sense of quality with its size, hefty weight and shiny appearance.

Mega Ring Imprint Areas
The Mega ring has got some mega insert areas as well. The 3” Texture Tone ring insert (with 6 stock inserts available) and the 6” long Vibraprint base insert. Plenty of room to ensure your winners’ accomplishments can be seen from a distance.
Mega Ring Size
The Mega Ring measures roughly 5-½” in all directions. When placed on top of the included award stand, the combination is about 8” tall. For reference, you can think of this as roughly the same size as a champagne glass.

Champion vs. Stars Variation

Mega Ring Stars Champions two-1

Both Star & Champion Versions Come In Gold & Silver.

Stock Inserts

Football Baseball Basketball Soccer
#1 Dollar Sign Blank  

Ideal Use Cases

The Mega Ring’s design (its size, weight, and appearance) are built to communicate high-end award. So it should be for significant milestones/events.

Its size makes it an ideal award for either an individual or a group / department / team. 

Alternatively, it’s great for a perpetual or recurring award (think Employee of the Month), where the Ring can be passed from winner to winner.

  • Significant Achievements or Milestones
  • 1st / 2nd Place for Annual/Yearly Events
  • A Perpetual Award (Passed from winner to winner)

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