What is Vibraprint®?

Vibraprint® is our in-house full color digital printing process produced on an adhesive material.

These labels feature a semi-permanent adhesive and are typically finished with a poly dome. This process is an excellent choice when your design includes shading, bleeds, photo-realistic images, or gradient fills. The labels can be cut into practically any shape to meet your design requirements. Production time is 3 business days for catalog quantities.


Classic Vinyl Label- Solid White Background. Vinyl labels yield the highest accuracy when matching PMS colors, shading, bleeds, or gradient fills.


Sparkle Label- Multi-Colored Hologram design. For truly eye-catching look, these labels add a 'pop' factor & larger than life feeling to your design. Use it to create an unforgettable shimmering effect on the whole label or selectively applied to make different elements of the artwork stand out.


Mirror Label- Polished Mirror Design. Like wet paint on an artist canvas, this label allows for extremely vivid colors & a reflective sheen that can create an energetic feeling. This effect can be applied selectively or to the whole piece of art.


Brushed Label- The principle design pattern of the award industry, these brushed labels offer classy texture & depth. The subtle pattern of the brushed foil creates a refined look & feel which can be used in many different contexts & which are virtually identical to that of Mylar labels.


Transparent Label- Clear See-through Design. Sometimes designs just look better with no background. This label allows for designs to become seamlessly integrated into your award or finished product; also great for use on mirrors.